How Do You Wrap Gifts?

There are some things we do that we don't think twice about; we've just always done them.

Take wrapping gifts, for instance.  There is an unwritten rule that you always wrap gifts; birthday gifts, holiday gifts.  No matter what the gift or occasion, you wrap the gifts.  Granted, there are a few exceptions, gift baskets come to mind, but there aren't many exceptions.

Everyone loves to unwrap gifts too, and it is usually very hard to wait to do so, no matter what your age.  Wondering what the gift could be, hidden under a bunch of paper, can sometimes be all-consuming; especially to a young child. 

I started to add some of my designs to wrapping paper, and thought it would be fun to find out a few popular wrapping techniques.  

1. Furoshiki
Furoshiki Wrapped Gift

This Japanese technique uses a scarf to wrap gift items, so it is a win-win!  By wrapping with a beautiful scarf that is an additional gift, you don't need to worry about needlessly utilizing paper. This technique is perfect for just about any giftable item, no matter how oddly-shaped it is.

Place your item in the center of the scarf, and tie two opposite sides together into one knot.  Do the same with the opposite sides, placing the knot on top of the one below.  Use the two points in the original knot to tie an additional knot over the one above, and do the same with the second knot to finish it off.

2. Use Polka Dots
Polka Dot Wrapped Gifts

Wrapping a gift with paper containing a polka dot design is great any occasion or holiday and creating the paper can be easily done as a DIY project.

3. Wrapping Cylindrical Items
Cylindrical Wrapped Gifts

Whether it is a candle or bottle of wine, wrap these cylindrical items with the bulk of the excess paper at the top of the gift.  You can easily tie a ribbon around the excess, and cut it down to a size that you like.

Wrapping gifts doesn't need to be a daunting task, and sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go.

Do you have a technique or favorite paper design you use often?

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